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Color and their shapes, the essence of human life, inspire all and also take us to their unique magical world where your imaginations can take free flights.

The colors and their manifold shapes depict many moods of mankind, at times portraying different hues of human life. Continuing since time immemorial, color, and shapes conveyed the sentiments of mankind through the portrayal of their activities.

Jerry Mitchell


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If you are looking to possess some irresistible pieces of art, after chatting a little with their creator, you have knocked on the right door.

This is the world of aesthetics! Paintings, we know, have their rhythms and waves of ethereal musical notes. The paintings may be mute but often they seem to talk, converse with you creating a supernatural world. 

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Paintings, the masterworks of painters, are tangible creations of the intangible world, the world of imagination. With master strokes of brush and colors, the painters create meanings in the black canvases. 

My works of color and brush that add manifold shapes to express the world as it contains a single message: as a writer writes to express, a painter like me paints to depict the scenes. 

Pieces of art create a sense of euphoria for its viewer. At times, colorful canvases with subjects or themes can create inner calmness and composure proving their profound soundless impact on the human mind.  

Naturally, paintings are a matter of exploration. 

Before you explore my paintings, let me tell you I am a keen observer and arrest in canvas that I have seen, observed. I do it through the brush, color, imagination, and strokes of a brush. 

It is the expression in colors and shapes that allures people, particularly art lovers and their connoisseurs.  Another reason why one should explore the paintings of Jerry Mitchell emanates from the reason that paintings and their motifs are very much inspirational. They wake up your process of imagination and stir the thinking process.

Thus, they are energizing, invigorating, and inspiring. After viewing the works of Jerry Mitchell, you would feel tremendously energetic, as if boundless positivity has entered your inner self allowing you to enter into the world of euphoria.

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We purchased a painting from Jerry for our bedroom. Not only the price tag was right, but the staff were also professional. I would contact him for any small or paintings that i need in future.
Diana Burnwood
Beautiful, high quality and best value paintings.
Jessica Foxx​
I have Jerry's paintings in all the rooms of my house. I am purchasing his arts since 20 years and all of them are simply superb. Waiting for more.
Lily Granger​