Rusty Boat

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We curate memories through our paintings and one such example is right here. Our collection will bring you closer to traditions, cultural, and even historical moments worldwide.

The Rusty Boat” is one such memory. Rust symbolizes time and time is bound by no one. We cannot go back in time but can always freeze it with a picture or a painting and that is exactly what we do for you. Beautiful and magical painting.

Product Information -

  • Limited Edition giclee canvas reproductions - 18 x 24,
  • 195 s/n unstretched in tube 395,
  • Stretched done gallery wrap @ $ 495
  • Unstretched version is also available 18 x 24
  • Canvas with 2 inch white border for 295.00
  • Painted with high-quality acrylic paints.
  • Shipping charges extra.

Price for the original: $ 3, 995

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