North Shore with Square Rigger

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We would like to present our handmade painting on canvas of the artwork named “North Shore With Square Rigger”. The pictures impress with the excellent color, and larger than life apperance. Plus. it's hand-crafted onto real stretcher frames.

Detailed cross-stitch, across a full painting area, earns this is a stunning piece. The chances are infinite. The painting quality of our canvas builds an almost life-like real picture, so you can enjoy your favorite panorama without leaving home.

This painting gives us a close picture of what creation is. We are created with all sorts of difficulties and this is an exact portrayal of that. Life is like floating on a ship, unpredictable. One may drown or survive; depends on the individual. These paintings are specially curated for those who hold the vision. We hope you like it.

Product Information -

  • North Beach 1780-1840
  • Oil Original on board unframed One of a Kind 10 5/8 x 27, Unframed on panel board
  • Shipping charges extra
  • Please rest assured that your treasure will be professionally packaged and handled with the utmost care.
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