Groovy Waters

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Setting is Neah Bay aka Makah Marina . This is a VERY beautiful and unique Native American fishing Village whose best days are past but still a great place to visit and my favorite place to paint. I also got the best smoked Salmon there done by one of the residents.

I am also a practicing photographer and a multidisciplinary visual artist, but makeup is the art of happiness! This painting shows a beautiful view. Here’s a beautiful depiction of the same art. This shows both the shallow and fierce nature of the creature. We hope you like the painting and we try to make every experience beautiful.

Product Information:-

  • Original Oil 20 x 32 One of a Kind
  • Frame is made of walnut. Check the image for its style.
  • Price includes sales tax & shipping cost
  • Cotton canvas board; canvas attached on reinforced cardboard with additional priming,220 gsm.
  • Framed but most would reframe hence the price is a bargain!
  • Painted with high-quality acrylic paints.
  • High definition print – Original Quality

Care and Protection:
  • Handle them infrequently
  • Keep them out of direct sunlight if possible
  • Store them on display and not in a box or bag
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