Fuzzy Truck

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Painted with oil, but using natural ochre from the central Area. The natural paint comes from the artist camp I participated in. I collect stones and grind them into a paste, which can then be mixed with various media to make a wonderful catchy colour. There may be yellow, milky white and bright red. My oil paintings are bold and eye-catching.

I was inspired by an incident that fascinated me about how things fall apart over time. So, I try to find inspiration in the most unexpected places. Degraded objects like old, dilapidated trucks provide you with endless textures, contours and tones for you to explore.

We ship paintings through UPS. They calculate the cost based on destination, height and weight. We hope your new painting can be delivered to you quickly and safely.

Product Information
  • Giglee Canvas Reproductions 20 x 24 unstreched with white 2 inch borders
  • 962 International Original Oil 20 x 24 Painted around the sides no frame buyers option, Done on stretched canvas. - $ 2995.oo
  • Sales tax & shipping chares are not included.

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