Dry Dock Miniature

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ONE of a Kind @ $553.00 plus sales tax & shipping art is 4 x 6 Frame

Walnut with Old distressed wood between hand made by the Artist. As an artist, I like to hang around dry docks and watch the work as I love the old boats and being on the water but there's a lot of work needed on wooden boats.Once we receive your order, it will be fully hand-painted with oil on canvas. All the materials we use are first-class, fully qualified painting materials and canvas. We do not stretch and frame our oil paintings during shipments. These depict that life is important and not everyone is capable of such deeds. We create so that you can have a beautiful experience.

Painting an Oil Canvas reproduction is a highly expensive process, which we can't risk damage by sending it being stretched. Due to Covid 19 restrictions, the delivery time of shipment may vary. Additionally, due to the restrictions, the shipment price may exceed the price of the product itself in various locations.

Product Information
  • Medium - Acrylic paint on canvas
  • Dimension:2134 × 3048 mm
  • Frame: 4*6
  • Used soft pastels on Pastel Material Paper medium
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